Julie Galante's artwork focuses on the people and places around her. Working primarily in oil and mixed media, she creates portraits, landscapes, and cityscapes which incorporate visual information gathered from her environment. Her work has been exhibited in China, Germany, Italy, Japan, Scotland, Switzerland, and the US, and it is held in private collections on five continents.

Julie grew up in several US states and spent most of her childhood in Chattanooga, Tennessee. She holds a BA in Perception and Psychology of Visual Art from Brown University. Her interest in travel and experiencing new cultures has brought her to many cities and countries around the world, where she constantly finds new visual inspiration. Over the past dozen years she has lived in New York, Milan, Zurich, and Munich. She relocated to Edinburgh, Scotland, in 2013. She has been an artist-in-residence in Assisi, Italy, and Tokyo, Japan.

She writes about her studio practice at Flogging the Muse and about her travels and life as an expat at This International Life.